Mathematics of Biological Sciences 

CHEE Yeow Meng

His research interests lie in the interplay between combinatorics, computer science, engineering, and biology, especially the following:

Combinatorics of nanotechnology: low-power design, thermal-aware design, crosstalk issues, and test pattern generation for deep submicron and nanometer-scale circuits, oligonucleotide sequence design for DNA computing, quantum error-correcting codes.

Designs, codes and cryptography: triple systems, block designs, pairwise balanced designs, group-divisible designs, t-designs, Latin squares, error-correcting codes, erasure-resilient codes, deletion codes, codes for non-conventional channels, combinatorial cryptography, algorithms and computational methods, applications in computer science, engineering and biology.

Extremal set systems: Turán-type problems, packings and coverings, cover-free systems, applications in computer science and engineering.

WANG Desheng

His major research areas are in the application of geometry modeling, numerical simulations techniques to problems in science and engineering. The focus is on the following three core problem areas: modeling and mesh generation, computational electromagnetics and computational biomedical engineering.