Grant Calls

Grant Calls Deadline to SPMS/Chair's Office

Application: 29 Oct 2019, 5pm​

6th NRF-ANR Registration Phrase Indicative Interest: 10 Oct 2019, Noon​

Application: 18 Oct 2019, Noon​

1st Singapore-Australia Bilateral Programme on Innovations in Food for Precision Health Indicative Interest: 21 Oct 2019, Noon​

Application: 25 Oct 2019, Noon​

Intra CREATE Thematic Grant Call on “Intersection of Engineering and Health” Indicative Interest: 16 Sep 2019, Noon​

Application: 30 Sep 2019, Noon​

Letter of Intent - Pharma Innovation Programm​e Singapore (PIPS) - Plant Operations Grant Call​

Indicative Interest: 13 Sep 2019, Noon​

Application: 16 Sep 2019, Noon​

​MOE AcRF Tier 2_August 2019 Grant Call

Application: 15 Apr 2019, Noon

Innovation to Startup (I2START) Program Grant Call Application: Open throughout the year
Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) - Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics (AIDA) Grant Application: Anytime​