Undergraduate Contacts

The following contacts are available to provide assistance to undergraduates majoring in Physics or Applied Physics:

Admissions issues

For questions about undergraduate admissions, scholarships, and other admissions-related matters, please email SPMS_UG_Adm@ntu.edu.sg.

Undergraduate programme issues

For questions regarding programme requirements, course registration, and other programme-related matters, please email SPMSUndgrad@ntu.edu.sg.

Student welfare issues

For help with academic or personal difficulties, please email SPMS-SW@ntu.edu.sg. You may also directly contact Ms Mika Yap (mikayapmx@ntu.edu.sg, Tel: +65 6513 8462) or Ms Grace Hoe (gracehoe@ntu.edu.sg, Tel: +65 6908 1100).

All other issues

For other enquiries and requests, please see the SPMS contact list. If in doubt, email SPMSUndgrad@ntu.edu.sg and we will arrange for the right person to attend to you.