Final Year Project

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The Final Year Project (FYP) is a two-semester research project for final year undergraduates, supervised by a faculty member. The FYP is expected and required to involve some degree of new and original research, and shoud not be solely a review of previous work. At the end of the project, the student is required to produce a thesis report, give a seminar-style presentation, and undergo an in-person oral examination (viva).

Only students who complete the FYP with an A- grade or above are eligible for graduation with Honours (Highest Distinction).

Starting the Final Year Project

To start your FYP, you must have first completed 12 AU of PH3XXX courses. Before each semester commences, an email reminder will be sent out to eligible students who have fulfilled the pre-requisites. Please reply promptly to the email to indicate your interest.

After responding to the email, you will be given access to the Final Year Project System via Studentlink (Academic Matters → Survey/Subject Option/FYP → Final Year Project Selection). Here you can find a list of faculty members with available FYPs. However, you are not restricted to faculty members who have posted to this list; you may also take the initiative to approach any faculty member to be your FYP supervisor.

  • The main supervisor must be a faculty member from the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (SPMS).
  • If the main supervisor is from the Division of Physics and Applied Physics, the FYP can optionally be co-supervised by a faculty member from elsewhere, or a researcher in industry.
  • If the main supervisor is an SPMS faculty member but not in the Division of Physics and Applied Physics, a co-supervisor from Physics and Applied Physics must be assigned.
  • The research topic will be jointly determined between you and your supervisor(s). Note that even though we support interdisciplinary projects, all FYPs must maintain a physics component.

Your supervisor must then register you as an FYP student. Please use the Final Year Project System to double-check that you have been registered. This must be done before the end of the Add/Drop period.

You must also enroll in the relevant FYP course (PH4421 for students admitted in AY19/20 and later, PH4415 for students admitted in AY16/17 - AY18/19, PH4405 for those admitted in previous years) for two consecutive semesters (Sem1-to-Sem2 or Sem2-to-Sem1). FYP students are not eligible for the internship module (PH4407/PH4413/PH4417).

If you have not completed the pre-requisites for the FYP, you may submit a Waiver of Pre-requisites request via the NTU Online Course Registration process, during the waiver application period. Such requests are considered on a case-by-case basis. If you have gone on an exchange programme but have not completed the credit transfer process, please contact SPMS Undergraduate Office (SPMSUndgrad@ntu.edu.sg) as soon as possible, and send the following items: (i) the Course Matching Approval document, and (ii) the full official transcript provided by the host university, OR the list of courses registered during exchange. Both documents should include your full name. If you subsequently find that you did not pass the courses read during the exchange programme, inform the School immediately.

During the Final Year Project

Before commencing work, all FYP students are required to attend a safety briefing conducted by the SPMS Safety Manager, and a FYP course briefing conducted by the division's FYP coordinator. These briefings are given at the start of each semester.

The FYP course will be listed on your degree audit as 10 AU (for PH4405/ PH4421​) or 11 AU (for PH4415). However, it counts as 5 AU per semester. Please plan your timetable carefully and ensure that you are not overloaded.

You should meet with your supervisor(s) on a regular basis throughout the course of the project. Please bear in mind that the FYP should involve new and original research, not just a review or reimplementation of previous work. It is your responsibilty to pace the progress of your research so that the completed project meets this standard.

If you are working on an interdisciplinary project, be sure to meet regularly with your supervisor or co-supervisor from the Division of Physics and Applied Physics, to help ensure that the project remains sufficiently relevant to physics.


By the end of the second and final semester of your FYP, you must write a research thesis. Please consult with your research supervisor well in advance regarding the writing of the thesis. You should allocate at least several weeks for this!

Oral presentation: At the end of the final semester, you must give a presentation (approximately 30 minutes) about your research and its outcomes. This presentation will be attended and graded by two faculty examiners. You will be informed of the venue and date for the presentation via email.

Viva examination: Shortly before or after your oral presentation, you must schedule and complete in-person (viva) examinations with two faculty examiners. Each viva will last approximately 10-40 minutes, and you may be asked about anything regarding the research project. You will be informed of the assigned viva examiners via email; please schedule your vivas with them in advance, and give them a copy of your thesis as soon as possible. Please ask each examiner whether they want a hardcopy or softcopy of your thesis.

Thesis submission: This consists of several steps.

First, you must upload the final version of your thesis via the Turnitin plagiarism checker on NTULearn.

Second, you must submit a hardcopy of the thesis, along with a printout of the Turnitin report, to your supervisor. Students who miss the deadline for thesis submission will fail. Requests for extension at the last minute or after the deadline will be ignored.

Third, you must upload the final version of your thesis to the NTU Digital Repository (DR-NTU) for archiving:

  1. Go to the NTU Digital Repository site.
  2. Click on Login, and log in using your student network account (note: do not use your full email address, i.e., omit the @ntu.edu.sg part, and do not specify an NT domain name, i.e., omit the STUDENT\).
  3. Click on "Start a New Submission".
  4. Select SPMS Student Report (FYP/IA/PA/PI), and follow the on-screen instructions to upload the thesis.

If you encounter any problems, please refer to the FYP submission guide, or email library@ntu.edu.sg.

If an embargo or exemption is needed for the upload to DR-NTU, follow these steps:

  1. Download and fill in the Request Form for Embargo or Exemption of Thesis/FYP
  2. Get your supervisor to sign and endorse the request form.
  3. Email the completed request form to library@ntu.edu.sg and CC your supervisor.
  4. The Library will reply within three working days. Once approved,
    • For embargo, follow the Library’s instructions to submit and set the embargo for your work in DR-NTU.
    • For an approved exemption, you do not need to submit your work or the metadata record to DR-NTU.

For more details on the embargo and exemption policies for DR-NTU, please click here.


The grade for the FYP course is assigned as follows:

Component Percentage
Supervisor Report
Prepared by FYP supervisor (and/or co-supervisor).
Averaged scores from two faculty examiners.
Oral Presentation
Averaged scores from two faculty examiners.
Viva Examination
Averaged scores from two faculty examiners.

Supervisors and Examiners will assess the FYP according to the following marking criteria:


If you need help with any FYP-related matter, please contact the division's FYP coordinator, Asst. Prof. Timothy Liew (TimothyLiew@ntu.edu.sg​).

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