Career Prospects

Physics and Applied Physics graduates are equipped with a flexible skill-set allowing them to formulate models and test them against data, use cutting-edge technical equipment, and combine experimental and theoretical methods to tackle open-ended problems. They are thus suitable for a broad range of fulfilling jobs throughout the economy.

The jobs found by our graduates are summarized below, based on the Graduate Employment Survey sponsored by the Ministry of Education (MOE):

  • 23% Engineering, Manufacturing, and Product Design
  • 20% Scientific Research and other R&D
  • 14% Management, Operations, Human Resources (HR), and Sales
  • 11% Software Development
  • 8% Education (primary and secondary school, junior college, and technical institutes)
  • 6% Government (ministries, statutory boards, armed forces, and police)
  • 6% Finance
  • 12% Other

Around 7% of each class proceeds to further studies (e.g. PhD) after graduation, and are not included in the above statistics. Data taken from 2013—2017 surveys, conducted approximately 6 months after graduation, with a total of 178 respondents.

According to MOE and NTU survey data, notable companies that have employed our graduates include:

Graduate Testimonials

I work as an optics engineer in a local company supplying custom machine vision solutions to businesses. I design optical systems for inspecting very specific products, for which there is no off-the-shelf solution. During my time as an Applied Physics student, apart from learning physics theories, there were plenty of practical opportunities through lab, research, and projects, which developed my skills in troubleshooting, data analysis, and critical thinking. This kind of learning experience is highly valuable in the modern world of multidisciplinary engineering.

Chua Chern Fei
BSc (Hons) in Applied Physics, Class of 2011
Optics Engineer, Emage Vision

For me, an SPMS Physics education was not only about picking up technical and technological skills, but also about being curious and developing passion for one’s subject of study. I believe this shaped us to be creative, adaptive and nimble in picking up new skills and knowledge. These are lifelong lessons which impacted me positively beyond the classroom and in the workforce.

“I would like to shout out to my friends and professors in SPMS, whose brilliance and determination I am thankful for and humbled by. It was my great fortune to have shared a path with you!

Darrell Tay
BSc (Hons) in Physics, Class of 2012
PhD in Physics from NTU, 2016
Data Scientist, Agoda

I learnt many valuable skills in and outside of Physics, and had the opportunity to complete a semester abroad at the University of Toronto and to do an Overseas FYP at the High Energy Physics group in University College London. The experience gave me a leg up in transitioning into my current career as a data scientist in London.

​​Q​uek​ ​Cai​ ​Shan
BSc (Hons) in Applied Physics, Class of 2018
Data Scientist, Tessian