Physics and Applied Physics

Message from the Head

Associate Professor Elbert Chia 

Science and technology are critical for the modern economy, and nowadays the most important discoveries and inventions are often not confined to the traditional narrow technical specializations, but draw upon multiple disciplines. Physicists are well-placed to navigate this complex landscape. They are trained in building theoretical models for complex systems, rigorously testing models against real-world data, and designing devices and methods to solve problems. This skill set is increasingly important in numerous technical domains.

In the Division of Physics and Applied Physics, we provide a top-notch physics-based education that imparts useful skills for a broad range of challenging and rewarding jobs. Our undergraduate curriculum is designed to emphasize the most relevant topics in physics and applied physics, including both theoretical and experimental aspects. Our graduates have proven well-equipped for finding employment in industrial R&D, data science, cybersecurity, finance, as well as education and academic research.

We have a young and dynamic team of faculty members, dedicated to excellence in teaching and research. This includes NTU's first Principal Lecturer, known for his innovations in teaching. Our professors include world-class experts in quantum technology, nanotechnology, superconductivity, photonics, complex systems, etc. We regularly publish in top scientific journals, and our Division has been highly successful in attracting competitive research funding, which has contributed to establishment of state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and research centres.

I hope you will find the information in this website useful. For all prospective students, I hope you will pursue your education with us!

Associate Professor Elbert CHIA
Head, Division of Physics and Applied Physics