Physics Forum (Semester 1 AY2014-2015)
Posted on 22 August 2014
MetaHeat, a team consisting of Physics and MSc graduate students won the Global CleanTech Challenge 2014
Posted on 29 April 2014
Congratulations to Prof. Nikolay Zheludev and Asst. Prof. Cesare Soci for their article in Light: Science & Application - An optical fiber network oracle for NP-complete problems.
Posted on 8 April 2014
The Amazing Science-X Challenge (ASXC) 2014
Posted on 27 March 2014
Congratulations to Associate Professor Sum Tze Chien for his article in Nature Materials - Low-temperature solution-processed wavelength-tunable perovskites for lasing.
Posted on 19 March 2014
The Merlion Collaboration on "Cavitatioon Bubble Dynamics Tree Xylem" between Philipp Marmottant (University of Grenoble) and Claus-Dieter Ohl (NTU) has lead to a cover article in SoftMatter.
Posted on 19 February 2014
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Electronic materials reaching out to mechanical, optical and thermal functionalities: physics and applications

By Prof. Junqiao Wu
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, California, 94720 USA

30 October 2014, Thursday

All-optical, three-dimensional electron pulse compression

By Dr. Wong Liang Jie
Research scientist
Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech)

13 November 2014, Thursday
Uncovering loss mechanisms in silver nanoparticle-blended plasmonic organic solar cells
Nature Communications (2013)
Bo Wu, Xiangyang Wu, Cao Guan, Kong Fai Tai, Edwin Kok Lee Yeow, Hong Jin Fan, Nripan Mathews & Tze Chien Sum
An electrically pumped polariton laser
Natural (2013)
Christian Schneider, Arash Rahimi-Iman, Na Young Kim, Julian Fischer, Ivan G. Savenko, Matthias Amthor, Matthias Lermer, Adriana Wolf, Lukas Worschech, Vladimir D. Kulakovskii, Ivan A. Shelykh, Martin Kamp, Stephan Reitzenstein, Alfred Forchel, Yoshihisa Yamamoto & Sven Höfling
Laser Cooling of a Semiconductor by 40 Kelvin
Nature 493, 504–508 (2013)
Jun Zhang, Dehui Li, Renjie Chen & Qihua Xiong
Conductivity of Twisted Bilayer Graphene
Phys Rev Lett 110, 067401 (2013)
Xingquan Zou; Jingzhi Shang; Jianing Leaw; Zhiqiang Luo; Liyan Luo; Chan La-o-vorakiat; Liang Cheng; S. A. Cheong; Haibin Su; Jian-Xin Zhu; Yanpeng Liu;
Kian Ping Loh; A. H. Castro Neto; Ting Yu; Elbert E. M. Chia