Seminars and Events

Seminar and Events 2014

Past Seminars and Events

17 Dec - 14

Metalloradical Catalysis for Stereoselective Organic Synthesis by Professor Peter Zhang

12 Dec - 14


12 Dec - 14

Discovering and Understanding C-H Activation Reactions by Professor Zhi-Xiang Yu

11 Dec - 14

Publishing in Inorganic Chemistry by Professor William Tolman

10 Dec - 14

Exploring Functional Nucleic Acids for Bioanalytical Applications by Professor Yingfu Li

08 Dec - 14

Copper(II)-Catalyzed Enantioselective Intramolecular Diamination of Alkenes
by Professor Wei Zeng

08 Dec - 14

Transition Metal-Catalyzed Reactions of Haloalkynes by Professor Jiang Huanfeng

05 Dec - 14

Cross-Coupling Reactions involving Migratory Insertion of Metal Carbene by Professor Wang Jianbo

05 Dec - 14

Making the Tiniest Machines by Professor David Leigh

24 Nov - 14

Influenza virus – Importance of RNA secondary structure by Professor Elzbieta Kierzek

24 Nov - 14

Coupling of elementary excitations: A case study with plasmons and excitons by Professor K. George Thomas

21 Nov - 14

Linking chemistry by aryl-linking structures by Professor Hiroyuki Isobe

20 Nov - 14

Motion of H+ in H-bond Network: To Eigen or To Zundel by Professor Kuo Jer Lai

19 Nov - 14

Structure elucidation of complex polysaccharides by Professor Henk Schols

18 Nov - 14

From Hydrogenation to Oxidation - Catalysis with Noble & Cheap Metals by Professor Jianliang Xiao

17 Nov - 14

Carbonaceous molecular bearing of a finite carbon nanotube molecule and a fullerene molecule by Professor Hiroyuki Isobe

13 Nov - 14

MultiComponent MultiCatalyst Reactions (MC) 2 R: Opportunities for Improved Efficiency by Professor Mark Lautens

31 Oct - 14

Regio- and Stereoselective C-C Bond Formation via Oxanickelacycles
by Professor Masanari Kimura

28 Oct - 14

Recent Progress in the Synthesis of Complex Natural Products by Professor John Wood

28 Oct - 14

Complex Natural Products as a Driving Force for Discovery in Organic Chemistry by Professor Brian Stoltz

28 Oct - 14

From Alkaloids to Terpenoids: Strategies and Tactics for the Synthesis of Polycyclic Natural Products by Professor Sarah Reisman

27 Oct - 14

Natural product inspired chiral hybrid systems via biology driven diversity oriented synthesis (BDDOS) by Professor Subhabrata Sen

27 Oct - 14

Development of Novel Oxidative Transformations of Aromatic Amines Toward Efficient and Selective Construction of N-Containing π-Conjugated Compounds by Professor Youhei Takeda

24 Oct - 14

Transmetallation with Ti(OiPr)4: a story of amines, cyclopropanes, peroxides and [2+2+2] cyclotrimerisation reactions by Professor Yvan Six

20 Oct - 14

Stereochemical Control in Natural Product Chemistry---Developing Methodology useful for Target Oriented Synthesis by Professor Minoru Isobe

26 Sep - 14

Development of Iron Salt-catalyzed Reactions in an Ionic Liquid Solvent System
by Professor Toshiyuki Itoh

25 Sep - 14

Development of efficient catalytic processes for organic synthesis by Professor Mimi Hii

23 Sep - 14

π-Gelators: A New Class of Soft Functional Materials by Professor Ayyappanpillai Ajayaghosh

09 Sep - 14

Catalytic Transformations of Strong sigma-Bonds by Professor Mamoru Tobisu

05 Sep - 14

Extrinsic dielectric loss in single phase, atomically ordered Ba(Mg1/3M2/3 )O3 where M = Nb, Ta by Professor Taras Kolodiazhnyi

01 Sep - 14

Homogeneous catalysis in biomass conversion by Professor László T. Mika

22 Aug - 14

Cellulose Nanocrystal-a promising sustainable nanomaterial for applications in chemical & biomedical systems by Professor Michael Tam

18 Aug - 14

Designing Small Molecules To Target Cancer Cells by Professor Kevin Burgess

25 Jul - 14

A New Class of PN3-Pincer Ligands for Metal-Ligand Cooperative Catalysis by Professor Kuo-Wei Huang

25 Jul - 14

Synthesis and Structures of Transition-metal Complexes Derived from Aromatic dilithio-stannoles and -plumbole by Professor Masaichi Saito

25 Jul - 14

Concept Transfers from Nature by Professor Steven Langford

25 Jul - 14

LFrom Triple Bonds to Reactive Intermediates by Professor Christopher Cummins

24 Jul - 14

Chemistry in the Pores of Metal-Organic Frameworks: from Interface Functionalizations to Li-O2 Batteries by Professor Li Qiaowei

24 Jul - 14

Enantioselective Reactions Using PYBOX-diPh Ligands by Dr Vinod Kumar Singh

23 Jul - 14

Crystal Engineering of Task-Specific Materials by Professor Michael Zaworotko

23 Jul - 14

Pending Acid-Base Groups in Molecular Catalysts: H-Bond Promoters or Proton Relays? Ultra-efficient
Conversion of CO2 to CO by Iron(0)Porphyrins Bearing Prepositioned Phenol Functionalities by Professor Marc Robert

23 Jul - 14

Structuring of metal-organic frameworks at the mesoscale by Professor Shuhei Furukawa

23 Jul - 14

MOFs: Nano-sized Windows into Ångstrom Space by Professor Christian Doonan

21 Jul - 14

Large Amplitude Conformational Transitions in Proteins by Professor Haw Yang

18 Jul - 14

Natural Products as Tools for Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery by Professor A Ganesan

17 Jul - 14

Palladium-Catalyzed Functional Group-Directed sp2 C-H Activation by Professor Wang Guan-Wu

15 Jul - 14

Artificial photosynthesis: interfacing nanowire with bacteria for solar-driven CO2 reduction by Dr Chong Liu

07 Jul - 14

Peculiar Activity of Bimetallic Gold/Palladium Alloy Nanoclusters by Professor Hidehiro Sakurai

07 Jul - 14

Organic Field-Effect-Transistors with Light-Tunable Superconducting Channel by Professor Hiroshi Yamamoto

27 Jun - 14

Supramolecular Strategies for the Control of Size and Functionalization of Organic and Metal-Organic Framework Nanoparticles by Professor Jurriaan Huskens

13 Jun - 14

The Fundamental Steps of Solar Energy Conversion by Professor Villy Sundstrӧm

10 Jun - 14

Why Chlorophyll-a in Photosystems has the Fastest Rate of Qx Decoherence of all chlorophylls: Assignment of the Q-Band Spectra of Chlorophyll by Professor Jeffrey R. Reimers

06 Jun - 14

Practical Catalytic Hydrogenation by Professor Zhang Xumu

05 Jun - 14

Living Radical Polymerization Using Organic Catalysts: From Fundamental Chemistry to Polymer Material Design by Professor Atsushi Goto

05 Jun - 14

Palladium-Catalyzed Domino Cyclization for the Synthesis of Heterocycles by Professor Zhe Jieping

02 Jun - 14

New Dimensions in Femtosecond Stimulated Raman Spectroscopy by Professor Richard Mathies

27 May - 14

Structure and dynamics of branched DNA using high-resolution single-molecule FRET by Professor Steven Magennis

23 May - 14

Photocatalysis with Visible Light by Professor Tehshik Yoon

07 May - 14

Development of PET radioligands for the central nervous system (CNS) and their applied use in
translational imaging by Professor Christer Halldin

03 Apr - 14

Non-Linear Interactions for Spectroscopy and Imaging: From Second Harmonic to High Harmonic Generation by Professor Jeremy Frey

28 Mar - 14

Lanthanides in high-technology, bioanalysis, and bioimaging by Professor Jean-Claude G. BÜNZLI

24 Mar - 14

Surfaces, Interfaces and Organic Bionics by Professor Gordon Wallace

24 Mar - 14

Catalysis and Cascades in Library and Natural Product Synthesis by Professor Darren Dixon

24 Mar - 14

The Importance of Interactions – Nanomaterials, Nanomedicines and Education by Professor David Smith

14 Mar - 14

Organic Design for Polyoxometalate Chemistry by Professor Serge Thorimbert

13 Mar - 14

Enantioselective Catalysis by Chiral Brønsted Acids and Bases by Professor Masahiro Terada

13 Mar - 14

Boron Arsenide, The Surprising Semiconductor by Prof Alan Cowley

12 Mar - 14

Creation from Confusion: Toward the Development of NIR Chemistry by Prof Hiroyuki Furuta

12 Mar - 14

Stable and Persistent Group 15 Element R3E+• Radical Cations: Electrochemistry and EPR Spectroscopy by Professor René Theodoor BOERÉ

11 Mar - 14

Ultrafast spectroscopy using sub-10fs visible, UV, and DUV lasers and MIR and THz femtosecond lasers by Prof Takayoshi Kobayashi

04 Mar - 14

Facile Preparation of Metal Fine Particles for Electronics and Fluorescent Nanoparticles by Professor Tetsu Yonezawa

28 Feb - 14

Recent Developments in Fragrance Chemistry by Prof Andreas Goeke

26 Feb - 14

Chemistry and Biology of Bioactive Natural Products from Marine and Other Sources by Prof Junichi Kobayashi

25 Feb - 14

The Use of Aromatic Ions for the Development of Highly Reactive Organocatalysts by Prof Tristan Lambert

20 Feb - 14

New Avenues for Protein Chemical Synthesis by Dr Vijaya Raghavan PATTABIRAMAN

12 Feb - 14

Bioanalytical prospects for electrochemistry at liquid-liquid interfaces by Prof Damien Arrigan

11 Feb - 14

New concepts in opioid analgesic drug design by Prof Peter Schiller

20 Jan - 14

Pot Economy in Total Synthesis by Dr Yujiro Hayashi

17 Jan - 14

An Introduction to RSC Publishing by Dr Robert Eagling

17 Jan - 14

Publishing in Wiley Materials Science Journals by Dr Jose Oliveira

17 Jan - 14

Synthetic Studies on Some Marine Natural Products by Professor Tohru Fukuyama

16 Jan - 14

Finite Time Thermodynamics of Simple Model Systems by Prof Katja Lindenberg

16 Jan - 14

Stepwise Approach to Multi-Component Noncovalent Assemblies by Professor Nick Bampos

16 Jan - 14

Adventures in Natural Products Chemistry: Methodology, Synthesis, Structure Determination by Professor Jonathan Burton

14 Jan - 14

Looking Back at My Past by Prof Tohru Fukuyama

09 Jan - 14

Sustainable Gold Catalysis by Prof Norbert Krause

09 Jan - 14

Small Molecules for Targeting Nucleic Acid Structures From Chemical Biology tools to Drug Discovery by Dr Marie-Paule Teulade-Fichou